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The Lords of Dust Kick It Up!!

Hello readers. I’ve been busy. And how could I forget that the Holiday Season is upon us. Honestly, it feels like July was just a few weeks ago. I’ve been to A LOT of shows this year and can only hope to finish off this year in a spectacular fashion.

Now for brass tacks.

If you haven’t heard of or witnessed Santa Fe Springs’ very own purveyors of the finest local doom metal: Lords of Dust, then dear reader, you are totally missing out.

There is no doubt (Especially from the author.) that the Lords of Dust should get out and play more. But I understand all the guys are working men & therefore I respect their hustle.

Lords of Dust are a punishing sonic blend of rock n’ roll, heavy metal and punk. If you are into bands like Clutch, Motorhead, Cathedral, Red Fang and Kyuss, then there is no reason that you can’t appreciate these guys. Their tones are just sweet, shimmering brutality with a lil bit of that good ol’ boogie-woogie to get your rump moving. Or maybe start up a mosh pit. Whichever you desire, the Lords of Dust will be cool with it.

.The Lords of Dust in their natural environment. L to R: Josh Darling (Guitar), Dan Pernambuco (Vocals), Mike Blackwell (Drums), Tim Booras (Bass). Photo Credit: Saul Moreno.

The world of Lords of Dust is bleak, heavy, chaotic and very hostile. Riffs soar through the THC-laden atmosphere and sledgehammer themselves into your head for the rest of your life. It’s cool because their songs are so well-crafted.

The album kicks off in proper fashion with Let’s Rip! This song a neo-classic, must-have party jam. Josh Darling (Guitar) levels buildings as he careens through the song. Let’s Rip! should be blasted at 11 on your home stereo for the next kegger you host. The song itself does a bong rip while double-fisting shots of Jack Daniel’s then gets a hummer in the bathroom of a complete strangers’ house. Yeah. Let’s Rip! Indeed.

Three On The Tree as a song, reminds me of the NightRider from Mad Max. He’s traveling down a dark two-lane highway at 180 m.p.h. And you better get a glimpse of him in all of his nihilistic glory. Because he ain’t never coming back, BAAABYY! Mike Blackwell (Drums) drives the song along like a harsh taskmaster. The breakdown is a welcome plot twist.

Mr. Stranger kicks off with a Bismuth heavy riff that should send any mortal soul running for the exits. But, NO! We love it! We want this riff on infinite repeat. The lyrics deal with the parasites of society that prey upon the weak. Dan Pernambuco (Vocals) asks Mr. Stranger a few uncomfortable questions. Yet Mr. Stranger can’t (or won’t) answer those questions.

Swing The Hammer/Union Song deals up a hefty serving of trash-talking reality. “You ain’t gonna be a baller or rockstar/You might end up in a penitentiary/And that’s alright with me, Bay-baay!” Yet there is a bit of tough love in this song. One gets the sense that the person being talked to in this song needs to hear this....and get a fucking job.

Blood On The Skulls seeks to do a Red Fang song but comes out with a unique, full-on banger of a tune. Tim Booras (Bass) drops psychopathic Geezer Butler/Aaron Beam madness as the song plods at a pace fit for a dirge. The listener is very aware that something malicious is lurking just beneath the surface of this song. And when that creature rises from the depths, it’s fearsome. Just like a creature from a Christopher Buhelman novel. And when this creature attempts to devour us in an unholy fashion, The Lords of Dust kick it in the ass and send it back to the devil. Eventually, the song settles back to the dirge pace and fades into the night in such glorious fashion.

And to finish this album, The Protest Song has attitude to spare. “Light It Off/Set It Off/Burn It Down!” gives the listener the impression that this tune gives no quarter nor does it expect any quarter in return. A grand closing tune if there ever was one.

All told, this one well-executed slab of Metal. Grab it, stream it or whatever you gotta do. Do not sleep on these guys.

Now I’m done.

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