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(Whittier, CA)

This band is fuckin’ awesome, I highly recommend ‘em.

Psycotic Scum turns the key, floors it and gets busy mowin’ shit down – but not before cutting their own brake lines first. They take no prisoners and unquestionably have zero tolerance for bullshit. I’ve been waiting for a band like this to come along for a while.

I’ve heard them described as hardcore/punk but their sound is uniquely their own and I love the raw disgust and seething rage of everything they do. I won’t try and put a specific label on them myself or compare them to anyone so you can check them out and decide for yourself what you think and feel. All I’ll say is that if I were looking for them in a record store I’d look under the punk/metal/underground/punch-me-in-the-fuglies sections first.

I also like that all of their available recordings are well done production-wise, with all members’ parts fully audible and nicely placed in the mixes. That may be one of the things that really appeals to me about this band aside from their actual songs - is that their recordings all have a fairly consistent sound and feel that, in my opinion, is not often seen from a demo stage up through subsequent albums. The band has a ‘sound’ that has been there from the beginning and sets them apart right out the gate.

Another killer aspect of this band is that they maintain a very primal feel throughout their music that’s rooted in the journey of most any aspiring band. They invoke all of the tastes and smells of the backyard gigs (raided and not, shootings and/or stabbings, rumbles, wasted foos, piss-warm 40’z, etc.), the restaurant gigs, the inside-some-random-person’s-house gigs, the Veterans Hall gigs, the BULLSHIT pay-to-play deals – all of it channeled into a collection of songs that remind you why you get in the pit. That remind you why you get pumped for live shows. Reminds you that all you’ve got is today and that you’ve got to figure it out for yourself.

Regardless of what they do next, they’ve left behind some great music already and I very much look forward to wherever they take us next!

by Beto Carbajal

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