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"Hey Kid,.....Wanna Get Weird?"

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The song “Skibidi” by Little Big would be exactly how I picture stereotypical Russia if I were ever to visit. This song gave me nostalgia from other rave bands I used to listen to in the late 2000s and early 2010s, like Duck Sauce “Big Bad Wolf”. No one can’t argue that Russia doesn’t have a funky style and some may say they are the Russian Die Antwoord. After all, I would have to agree since they did open for them back in 2013. Their music instrumentally is quick and reminiscence of the 90s bass trap and house. Complementing their addictive beats, they also have their knack for compiling music from everyday sounds. For an example of this, Lookup “I’m OK” around the 2 min mark. Their music videos are also a visual cinema gymnastics. Please refer to any of their videos, but my most favorite ones have to be “Everyday I’m Drinking” and “Hypnodancer”.

Little Big was established on April 1st, 2013 and there are four members in the group; Sonya Tayurskaya (frontwoman), Ilia Prusikin (frontman), Sergey Makarov (DJ), and Anton Lissov (MC). They came out in 2014 with their debut album ‘With Russia From Love’ and have reached 1 billion views on Youtube. “Skibidi” although came out in 2013, was re-released in a “romantic” edition hitting all your 80s and 90s pop cultural hopeless romantic tropes in March of 2019. I can keep going on about this band but I think you just need to experience it for yourself. I totally dig this music, it is just easy to listen to and get pumped to if you just want to let loose. It's fun, it's weird, and I love it.

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